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“ The biggest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage ”
Planning to create memories is one of the most endearingly bizarre things about our big fat Indian weddings- from scheming to painting the bride and groom in yellow haldi to teasing the younger members in unison, it all boils down to etching these episodes of love into our minds for years and years. With the words “planning memories” comes the very obvious image of synchronized bollywood dance steps to the most favourite shaadi tunes, getting everyone up and cheering filling the venue with the positivity that only seems fitting for the festivities that follow the auspicious union. At our Indian wedding choreography studio, we take all your precious moments and put them into easy choreographies, or if you prefer some funny and quirky dances with thumkas and laughs, we are well equipped and skilled without knowledge to bring it to life. We specialize in wedding and sangeet dance so keep the worries at bay if you’re letting us handle the wedding choreography for the big day.
Wedding Dance Choreographer in Delhi

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Complete Wedding And Sangeet Choreography


The pleasantries start the festivities but it’s the collective efforts from the lovely ladies that kick start the actual celebrations. Our team specialises in handling the non-dancers and instructors pay special attention to make it look cohesive and as stunning as can be.


We focus on the thematic experiences and different events require different dance routines- so for the ring ceremony, we’ve got all the sass and class for the couple as well as the close ones to make it the most memorable event before the wedding.


The happy couple needs to look the part, and nowadays, also dance the part. We’ve got our wedding dance instructor to make sure you look as loved up doing the couple dance as you are in real life.


While the new couple are blessed and blissfully entering a new phase in life, we make the event unforgettable by adding old love magic into the air. The mom and dad couple dance choreography is specifically designed to be executed flawlessly keeping in mind the age and all other factors in mind.


The trick to going viral on youtube with your sangeet dance is a perfect dance routine and flawless execution of your shaadi dance. We’ve got you covered on both of these- from emotional ones to naughty and innocent ones, the wedding dance instructors specialise in creating the vibe you’re going for.


The school and college buddies are surely the ones enjoying the most at your wedding. You need a really loud cheer for them because we give them the perfect steps to perform even if they’re a few drinks down.


If you’ve ever had to gather all the cousins for a dance practice you know how tough it is! We get the job done for you- we specialize in handling all age groups. From toddlers to older ones we get all of the sisters and brothers under one roof to get the groove on. Group performance choreographies are difficult to execute if done non-professionally, but you can be at ease if its us handling your dances.


We cannot lay enough emphasis on our handling and teaching capabilities when it comes to all age groups. We teach and groom all the uncles and aunties, kids and the teens- we take them all under our wings and make them dance to their best abilities and if you’re ever short a few members, we’ve got you covered even then!

About Us :
A service providing company that excels in perfectly displaying the ideas and imagination of their clients in the form of ready performances or suitable choreographies as per the requirement. Vineet Wedding zone is a service providing company with aims to translate precious moments and stories into dance routines as per our clients’ wishes and surpass expectations with the work we do as instructors.

We work with customized songs, thematic experiences, unique and varied props including lightings, fixtures, etc., and our management in handling of people is exceptional. We cater to all dance styles and apply them flawless in execution. We have successfully completed various projects in different across the country- from wedding choreographed performances to corporate dance show events and more, our range knows no bounds.

Why choose us- Vineet Dance Zone as your personal dance choreographer?
  • Pricing: we have unbeatable prices across the NCR and the work is worth the money you pay for- our dedication and hard work speak for us as our testimonies.
  • Professional and trained instructors who work round the clock to deliver you excellence in results.
  • Liquidity in our teaching style and the ease with which we progress has made us known for our teaching and performing arts.
  • Quality control and management applies to your dance performances as well, and you don’t have to worry if its us behind it.
  • Trending choreographies assured.
  • Availability is all across India.
Wedding Dance Choreographer in Delhi

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For your wedding choreography, if you are looking at finding the best value for your money then Dance Zone By Vineet is the perfect and final stop for you. Our wedding choreography package is a perfect mix of reasonable cost with quality output making us one of the most sought choreographers in Delhi.

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